About us.

Our strength is our strong technical and telephony background.

Both as an organisation and through our personnel, EasyTelecom has extensive experience working with and in the telecommunications Industry. We have been able to foresee developments and trends ahead of them becoming commonplace and pro-actively developed support within our systems to have these services available for when our MVNO/Operator customers need them.

We pride ourselves in being a small and adaptive company who rises to the challenge in developing and bringing services to market and supporting our customers in order for them to be fully enabled to achieve growth and profitability.

As an early entrant into the independent provision of telephony services we were unable to find systems that supported what we did and our ambitions so we built them ourselves. Over time this has led to EasyTelecom developing and providing the systems for the provisioning, routing and billing services for MVNO’s, resellers and operators in Sweden, Denmark and Australia.

EasyTelecom, together with it’s partners, has, for a number of years been the largest independent provider of telephony services across Sweden handling over 18 million minutes of calls a month and in excess of 3000 concurrent calls during peak times.

Our solid technical basis and skills mean that we are not dependent on external system vendors to achieve success – improvements and updates are made at the rate we find most appropriate and which serve our customers best.

Our BSS (Business Support System) is developed exclusively towards and for the telephony industry by personnel working and supporting telephony customers and not a software house. It’s been built to be modular so we enable only the parts needed by a customer and where a new interface is required it is developed as a module – so for example an operator in Sweden does not see the modules necessary for our Australian partners and vice-versa.

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