EzDialer sits within EasyTelecom’s portfolio of products and services, integrated to our routing and billing platforms, it can however be deployed in other modes as required.

We offer EzDialer to operators and resellers across the globe under license in a number of different configurations and charge plans. Put simply for an operator this is the opportunity to provide a complete product to a vertical market that drives traffic through the system. Development is ongoing to add and refine features and bespoke development can be commissioned as required.

EzDialer is a proven product in use in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Spain and can be translated and configured as needed to function in any territory or country.

Some of EzDialers most appreciated features :

Reliable dialer & telephony

Widgets for live statistics

Inbound and outbound

Large Data Handling (DWH)


Fastest predictive dialer

Winback function

Workflow enhancement feature

GDPR module

Written acceptance

Voicemail Filter


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