Getting things moving

Starting up or expanding a telecommunications business is not a simple undertaking so it is important that all aspects are understood and agreed, to help with this EasyTelecom has developed a consultation and operator start-up process.

Obviously much depends on the complexity of the services you are to offer and the need or not to move information from existing systems so this can take from as little a few weeks through to a number of months.

Here we present a simple step by step breakdown of what you can expect.

Working partnership

  • NDA
  • The first step is to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) this gives both you and EasyTelecom the security to discuss ideas, services and prices in the knowledge that what we discus goes no further.

  • Business Requirements
  • It is important that we understand your current and future requirements so that we both understand how you work, what your vision is and how we develop our partnership.

  • Formalise Agreement
  • In the contract we set out the terms, conditions and prices.

  • Training & Setup
  • We will normally help you in setting up (configuring) you base data set, explaining why and where things are done. Where required we can also assist in, or directly train your staff which can include your staff visiting our support department to gain a valuable insight into the more complex configuration and settings.
    Often this will also include some friendly user/customer testing so that you are re-assured that things are working correctly.

  • Go Live
  • Now you reach the date where you are ready to make your first sales.
    Depending on complexity and needs the time between the Business Requirements stage and Go live can vary from a few weeks to several months.


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