Mobile APP

White label mobile APP with the added ability for web access.

EasyTelecom has developed a mobile APP to supplement our telephony service offerings. Many of the most common customer support tasks are available for the customer to manage themselves within the app including adding and removing subscriptions and management of fixed lines.

Consumption against subscription plan, call history, access to voicemail and call recordings as well as direct access to invoice and of course presence status of colleagues are all available within the APP and integration to outlook/MS-Teams is supported.

Some of the main features :

Subscription Information

Consumption Display

Call History

View Invoice Details & PDF

Status of Colleagues

Presence Setting (Meeting/Sick etc)

Forwarding Settings

Outgoing Number Display Options

Play Voicemail Messages & Delete

Play Call Recordings & Delete

Order Data Top-Up

Queues (Join/Leave)

Administrator Mode

View SIM Data

Set Users Permissions

Switchable Language

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