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Business models vary depending on market, territory and regulatory body, which means that you will likely be looking for something that is not available ‘off the shelf’ or a 100% of what someone else has.  EasyTelecom’s systems are built on modularisation so we enable the services you need and where required the adding of bespoke modules can be undertaken by our development team.

For our current MVNO partners we offer a wide range of services from SIM Card personalisation through rating and billing to financial performance and accounting.

This is though only the obvious, we have an advanced switching and routing platform that sits quietly in the background through which advanced telephony solutions are serviced. Amongst these services are features such as PBX, call recording, IVR, preferred routing, LCR, fail-back routing, MEX services, conference calls and many more.

Our system resides across a number of strategically selected locations built to function as a singular unit. Systems and services are monitored 24/7 through our Network Operations (NOC) with automated alarms being triggered on unusual behavior or element failure. Systems themselves are fully redundant within data-center with live/live connections through to other data-centers ensuring maximum up time and an absolute minimum of service disruption.

From start-up resellers with a handful of customers through large operators with thousands of customers and tens of thousands of subscribers/numbers we provide the services that our customer wants and needs leaving them to concentrate on running and increasing their business.

Starting a business or even taking the next step is a daunting prospect for the management of any company that we understand well. Many businesses start by using a number of different non-integrated systems which often becomes problematic with business growth.

We have built our system in a modular way so that you only have access to (and pay for) the services you need and want at any given time. Therefore, by using or even migrating to EasyTelecoms’ BSS we help to smooth the growth and expansion by providing the functionality required in a single system with a single interface yet accessible and limited by role as required.

Sales, Customer Service, Support & Finance all use the same system with support for those individual roles all within the BSS. Document/Contract preparation and digital signage for sales; Complete history including expired products, agent comments and charge history for Customer Service; System and subscription diagnosis features, drill down to product and service elements or portation history for Support; complete financial history including collection process and payment history, Economic performance and and subscription usage graphs through to book-keeping to keep the accountants and management happy. We even have a time sheet module for your staff to record time which can be allocated and billed direct to customers.

This is by no means everything so contact us and we’ll discuss your requirements.

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